Who we are

Pangea Servicios Lingüísticos was created with the aim of helping its clients to overcome not only linguistic barriers, but also cultural obstacles.
Two hundred million years ago, the different continents we know today were joined together in one supercontinent called Pangea (from the Ancient Greek meaning “entire Earth”). Despite the fact that physical distances between the different parts of the world have expanded considerably since then, human beings have always strived to shorten them by continuously developing new communication systems.
Today, technological advances help companies to overcome these distances and can be used to broaden their geographic horizons to limits that were previously unimaginable, provided that they successfully pass the litmus test: communication. For this reason, any company that wishes to make its mark in new markets and form overseas relationships needs to depend on an effective linguistic strategy.
Our vocation is making ourselves your reliable linguistic partner so that your message can travel as far as possible. To achieve this, we have a team of professionals that is committed to quality and passionate about one of the most unique aspects of human communities: language.