Regardless of the sector and size of your company, an effective linguistic strategy will help you to remove linguistic and cultural barriers in overseas markets so that you can realise your potential for growth to the full. Both your multilingual website and any corporate or business document form part of your company image. Make sure writing or translation errors do not diminish your prestige. Pangea offers every service necessary to implement your linguistic strategy and to help you to improve your company image overseas.

What we offer

Translating business and corporate information will provide you with great competitive advantages, in addition to increasing your credibility and reinforcing your international prestige. However, any mistakes can also undermine your corporate image. At Pangea we offer high quality translations between the main world languages. We translate every type of text, from technical documents and manuals for cars and household appliances to publicity campaigns and business correspondence.
If your company plans to organise a multi-language event, or you are going to attend a multilingual meeting, do not let language differences create a barrier. Our team of professional interpreters will help you to understand and make yourself understood, whatever the message and language. Depending on the type of event, we will provide advice on choosing the most suitable technique: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, liaison interpreting or a combination of different techniques. In addition to providing you with the services of the best interpreters available, we will also help you to manage all the technical aspects, from installing interpreters’ booths to hiring the sound equipment.
Localisation is a process that goes beyond language, making both linguistic and cultural changes (symbols, rules, conventions, customs, etc.) to a product, whether it is a website, application software or video game. For your products and services to reach a local public properly, it is not enough for them to be available in their own language; they also need to reflect their specific culture. We adapt your content to the target market, helping you to overcome any possible cultural barriers.
Sworn translators and interpreters certify that translated texts are true and accurate with a signature and stamp. This type of service is essential for some official documents that need to be submitted to public bodies, such as powers of attorney, affidavits, deeds and other similar documents. If you need a sworn translation for any official procedure, we can provide you with the services of sworn translators appointed by the corresponding Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
We will help you to solve any linguistic doubts you may have and to develop an effective linguistic strategy. Pangea offers all the language services that you need to ensure the internationalisation process of your company, products or services is a resounding success.
Your company has the knowledge; we have the right words to communicate it. We have professionals in every sector who will help you to devise, structure and write documents that will ensure you communicate clearly and effectively with your international public.
We develop single and multi-language glossaries and specific terminology databases for your business sector. We also provide advice on the choice and use of different terminology management tools.