Areas of expertise

Each sector has its own characteristics and challenges, as well as its own “jargon”. At Pangea our professionals have not only mastered their working languages, but are also fully versed in the specific language of the target sector, helping you to overcome the challenges of both specialised terminology and the specific complexities of each field.
Below you will find a selection of our main business sectors; however, if your sector does not appear in the list, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study your needs.

  • Automotive and transport industry: translation of manuals, marketing materials
  • Technical documents: translation of technical regulations, European standards
  • Tourism sector: translation of websites, publicity materials, tourism guides, reviews
  • International relations: interpretation at international events, translation of documents related to international organisations, the European Union, United Nations, etc.
  • Telecommunications: websites, mobile apps, social networks, information technology
  • Marketing and publicity: translation of publicity materials, advice on the choice of product names for overseas markets, content adaptation
  • Chemical sector: translation of material safety data sheets, documents related to the Reach regulation
  • Legal: contracts, deeds, legislation, patents
  • Medical: reports, files, specialist publications